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  Roulette System: Follow the Leader System  

The term roulette means "little wheel" in French, but everyone who joins a game of roulette is looking to win big. Roulette, like many casino games is largely determined by sheer luck. However, there are some betting systems that gamblers can implement to increase their odds of walking away with a net profit. One betting strategy that is applicable to roulette is the Follow the Leader System. Check other roulette strategies and read a great Zodiac review here.

Follow the Leader means that you place your bets on the last color that came up. Every round in roulette is a completely independent event and does not depend on previous rounds. However, in a given string of random rounds, certain sequences will inevitably occur which appear not to be random. The advantage of Follow the Leader is that it allows you to benefit from these seemingly non-random sequences like a streak of reds or a streak of blacks. It is typically used with progressive betting.

To understand how this system works let's consider an example. Say the last round went to a red so you bet one unit on red. The round results in red so you win and again bet one unit on red. The result is black which means you lose. The next round you bet two units on black (doubling your bet). If the result is indeed black then you gain back the unit you lost in the previous round as well as gained an additional unit. The drawback is that alternating color sequences will eventually carry you over the table bet limit.

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